Your Mental And Social Health – The Less Obvious Sides Of The Health Triangle

The health triangle can be said to be a reliable gauge of overall health – each side of the triangle represents one aspect of health. One side is the usual physical health, another side is mental health, and the last is social health.

While the physical health is the obvious indicator of the state of our health, mental health and social health are also part of the equation. Also, they significantly affect physical health.

Your Health Check Through The Health Triangle

While the health triangle may sound new and technical to you, it simply represents the three important aspects of your life – your physical health, your mental health and your social health.

The health triangle looks at health from a more holistic point of view – oftentimes, some of us must have understood health only to mean the health of our physical bodies. But some studies have showed that your thoughts and your emotions can actually affect your physical health.

Understanding How Health Triangle Works

When you hear the word health what comes to your mind? Most people will say that it has something to do with healthy body, exercise and nutritious foods. This is actually true. But did you know that this is only one aspect of health? There are two other aspects of health aside from physical health. These are mental and social health, and the three factors make up the health triangle.

Health Triangle: Physical, Mental And Social Health

The health triangle or also known as wellness triangle is used to live a balanced life. It consists of 3 sides namely physical, mental and social health. These factors are the keys to having a healthy life.

Imagine an equilateral triangle. This triangle has 3 equal sides. One side of the triangle represents physical health, another side represents mental health and the other side represents social health. The 3 sides should all be equal to have a perfect triangle. If one side is longer or shorter than the other, then it will not be an equilateral triangle anymore. This is the same as the health triangle. Physical, mental and social health must be well balanced to live a truly healthy life.