Health Triangle: Physical, Mental And Social Health

The health triangle or also known as wellness triangle is used to live a balanced life. It consists of 3 sides namely physical, mental and social health. These factors are the keys to having a healthy life.

Imagine an equilateral triangle. This triangle has 3 equal sides. One side of the triangle represents physical health, another side represents mental health and the other side represents social health. The 3 sides should all be equal to have a perfect triangle. If one side is longer or shorter than the other, then it will not be an equilateral triangle anymore. This is the same as the health triangle. Physical, mental and social health must be well balanced to live a truly healthy life.

Physical health refers to the activities that use the body’s energy as well as activities, which strengthen it such as work, exercise, diet and rest. Some people tend to overwork which is bad for the health. The body needs to rest to recharge and have the energy to do the activities on the next day. Taking a nap when there is an opportunity is a great way to take a quick rest on a busy schedule. It’s recommended to have 6 to 8 hours of sleep. Set a bed time schedule, which you need to strictly follow to get your needed rest. If there’s a late night show you really like to watch, have it recorded and watch when you’re free. Find time to go to the gym or at least spend an hour of exercise each morning. Eat balanced and nutritious foods. Mental health deals with how you think, feel and deal with situations. Learning is part of this component of the health triangle. Add more to your knowledge by reading, learning new things and playing mind games. Find ways on how to develop positive thinking. You can find several resources online. Also, learn how to cope up with stress. Social health is about your relationship with others. Some people tend to overly focus on this side that they forget everything just to be with their friends or family. Others are too consumed with the other 2 sides of the triangle that they forget their relationship with others.

Finding the health triangle balance may not be an easy task but it’s possible with the help of your friends, family as well as health professionals.