Your Health Check Through The Health Triangle

While the health triangle may sound new and technical to you, it simply represents the three important aspects of your life – your physical health, your mental health and your social health.

The health triangle looks at health from a more holistic point of view – oftentimes, some of us must have understood health only to mean the health of our physical bodies. But some studies have showed that your thoughts and your emotions can actually affect your physical health.

So if you are happy and contented with your life, that will contribute to your physical health, as does the proper diet and exercise. But if you are miserable and not satisfied with your life, it may very well affect your health in the long term – even if you are eating right and exercising well!

So, always checking your performance through the health triangle is a good way to measure your overall health. On the more usual physical health side, observe yourself – are you eating healthy? Do you have a regular exercise routine at least two times a week?

Next is mental health – do you keep your brain sharp by doing new things? Do you engage in both left-brain and right-brain activities? Do you keep healthy thoughts as opposed to unhealthy ones? Thoughts sometimes equal emotions because an emotion usually starts with a thought.

And of course, there’s social health. Do you have good relationships? Do you maintain harmony with the people in your home, your workplace, and your organization (if applicable)? Bad relationships can lead to stress. So fix any misunderstanding as soon as you can. Resentment is connected to terminal illnesses like some heart diseases, which can lead to a stroke or fatal heart attack.

The health triangle is your guide and your model to check your health and make a healthier you, if needed.