Your Mental And Social Health – The Less Obvious Sides Of The Health Triangle

The health triangle can be said to be a reliable gauge of overall health – each side of the triangle represents one aspect of health. One side is the usual physical health, another side is mental health, and the last is social health.

While the physical health is the obvious indicator of the state of our health, mental health and social health are also part of the equation. Also, they significantly affect physical health.

Over the recent years, studies and anecdotal evidence have shown that a person’s emotional state can affect the state of his or her physical health.

And what affects a person’s emotional state? Thoughts. Relationships. Work. Daily life.

Mental health and social health are part of the health triangle for a reason. They need to be addressed too.

The physical diet is not the only things you should watch out for, then. Take a look at your mental diet – what kind of thoughts do you think of everyday? Are they mostly healthy thoughts or unhealthy thoughts? If they are mostly unhealthy, you can make a conscious decision to change that starting today.

How about your relationships? Is there harmony or disharmony in your relationships? Do you care more about being right than being happy? While gloating over your “rightness” can be satisfying for a while, think of your resentment. Resentment is said to build up as blockages in the arteries over time, which may explain the increasing number of heart attacks all over the world.

So the health triangle is a good tool to see how you are in your current health. In your life, fix everything that needs to be fixed. Don’t leave anything broken or “hanging.”

Every day, choose health. Healthy food. Healthy thoughts. Healthy relationships. Now that’s what will give you a perfect score in the health triangle!